Anima Portraits offers custom paintings (acrylic on canvas) of:


People (adults, babies, children, and portraits of pets and their people)

Plants and gardens

Planetary beings (mythological or imaginary beings such as mermaids, fairies, trolls; extra-terrestrial beings – galactic family portraits; totem or spirit animals)

Shipping costs are additional. Custom sizes (including miniatures), oil on canvas, watercolor paintings, and graphite or pen and ink drawings are available on request.

When ordering a custom portrait, please use the site contact form on the contact page or send me an e-mail at

  1. Specify what type of portrait you want. (pets, people, plants, planetary beings)
  2. Use pricing chart (below) to select size of portrait you would like to order.
  3. Send 3 very high resolution, large, clear (not blurry) images of the pet(s), person or people, plants or garden, or planetary beings (image helpful but not mandatory here).
  4. Depending on your location, current demand, and size of painting ordered, I will need approximately two weeks to complete the custom portrait.

Pricing Chart

1 pet, 1 person, 1 plant, 1 planetary being

4″x6″ – $250

8″x10″ – $345

10″x10″ – $375

9″x12″ – $500

11″x14″ – $750

16″x20″ – $950

18″x24″ – $1200

2 pets, 1 pet and 1 person, garden, 2 -3 planetary beings

4″x6″ – $350

8″x10″ – $450

10″x10″ – $500

9″x12″ – $650

11″x14″ – $900

16″x20″ – $1200

18″x24″ – $1500