The bonds between people, pets, plants, and the planet

Fur Being Human, oil on canvas, 16″x20″, 2015
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Painting is an excellent way to connect to the body and to realize that, as human beings, we are intimately connected to all things – living and inanimate.

All of us are skilled at reading energy and at connecting to other beings, but we don’t always realize that we innately have this talent, nor are we often aware when we are in the process of exchanging vital information with others! Art is an expression of energy and imagination. Everything we imagine is real on one dimension or another. As human beings, we are all creators of realities, but more often than not, we limit our experiences of life and our creativity because of the belief systems we have adopted from our families and from our culture.

Lucas and Ruby, oil on canvas, 16″x20″, 2015
Animals are invaluable companions for humans, because we are such emotional creatures. Despite our naturally sensitive natures, social customs (which vary from family to family, culture to culture, and country to country) limit our ability to express our emotions freely. While it may be challenging to be emotionally open, vulnerable, and intimate with another human being because of all of the pretense, judgment, and competition involved in human relationships, animals set us free.

The freedom to be openly emotionally expressive with an animal is very healing. Because we are energetic beings, blockages form in our bodies when we hold onto beliefs, feelings, memories, frustrations, pain, abuse. We call this being sick, depressed, or having a disease. Connecting to the energy and consciousness of animals, whose holistic way of life allows them to always live fully in the present moment, also allows us to open up and to release blocked these energies, healing our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Son Rose, oil on canvas, 13″x13″, 2008
If you are like me, you may feel the same way about plants. Plants and trees are full of wisdom and are complex creatures. All living beings are conscious and are aware of our thoughts and feelings, even though they may not have a brain, nervous system, or a language that we can understand.

Opening up our minds and bodies to new ways of thinking and being and allowing ourselves to connect to the natural world is key to empowering ourselves. Every human being is an artist of his or her own life. I am so grateful to our beautiful planet and to all of the animals, plants, and beings who make living on Earth so unique and valuable. I am also so very grateful to have the ability and talent to translate emotions and relationships into images, providing healing and encouraging unity and loving relationships between all beings.

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