The Living Library


Gaia-Sophia goddess painting by Josephine Wall

This beautiful planet, Earth, which we call home, is a magnificent garden and a living library. We, human beings, are intimately connected to the planet and to the cosmos, as are all of the animals, plants, trees, birds, water creatures, and a host of creatures and beings which we, in the physical or organic dimension, are for the most part unable to see.

Yet humanity once possessed much more finely attuned senses. In ancient times, human beings were very much aware of the spirit beings which live in trees, plants, animals, and in the air and water. All of the literature which today we call mythology and fairy tales, as well as science fiction weave the truth of our multi-dimensional nature as well as that of the planet.


There are many names for the goddess Earth in cultures around the world. The ancients knew that she was a living, conscious being, and they honored her as such. And Lee Carroll, the Kryon channel explains that each time a human being incarnates on Earth or transitions out of his or her body, there is a multi-dimensional location deep within the bowels of the planet called the Cave of Creation where everything that we have contributed is recorded, on beautiful crystalline structures. The memory of all that has ever happened to and on the planet is recorded within the memory of the crystals.

crystal caves cancun

Once we know that we are all profoundly loved and connected to our Mother Earth and to all of her creatures, visible and invisible (on the physical plane), we can shift our awareness and begin to appreciate our self and others in a new way. We can begin to create relationships and dialogue with what we were conditioned to believe was inanimate or imaginary.

spirit beings

Even perhaps more extraordinary is the realization that what until recently scientists have dubbed “junk DNA” is the budding awareness that each of us carries a living library within our cellular structure. Our human DNA embodies a crucial portion of the Living Library that is Gaia, or Earth, and YouTube videographer and psychic reader Gigi Young claims that the gold coveted by ancient E.T.s and alchemists is actually our own human DNA. When we integrate our shadows and embody the light, our DNA emits a golden light or aura, as pictured throughout art history as the gilded halos we see surrounding angels, ascended masters and saints

. As we learn once again to activate our DNA and our memory of our true nature as human beings – living antennae connected to Earth and Cosmos, receivers and transmitters of divine information and energy, we can heal our bodies, minds, and hearts and restore integrity, love, compassion, health and beauty to our bodies, our lives, to the animals, plants, air, water, and to this wonderful plane

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