Animals teach confidence, compassion, self-love, generosity

Hello dearest readers,

It’s often easier for beings of different species to befriend one another. Without competition, food or territory to defend, we can more easily let go of that feeling of separation and solitude that we often feel in the company of other human beings when we spend time with animals.

I just watched a wonderful video (click link to watch) about a little Australian boy whose mother runs a rescue for injured or orphaned wild animals. They picked up a baby kangaroo who had fallen from his mother’s pouch when she was hit by a car. Badly hurt and emotionally scarred, the tiny kangaroo, Garry, nearly instantly bonded with the little boy, Huddy.

His mother explains that Huddy was a shy, introverted child who was easily frightened by the other animals in the house. The infant kangaroo became Huddy’s best friend. The little boy showed his deeply empathetic nature and he and the baby kangaroo quickly grew inseparable. As their relationship deepened, Huddy grew and matured as well. He became more confident and Garry’s love inspired Huddy to declare his future vocation, veterinarian.

I believe that human beings and animals are naturally empathic and compassionate beings. While animals have never lost their connection to nature, human beings have been conditioned to live in separation from our own true nature as well as from the consciousness of the planet, the animals, plants, insects, birds, trees.

Humans are often cruel to one another, to animals, plants, trees, and our training has caused us to doubt our deepest instincts as well as our ability to love ourselves. Shame, guilt, judgment and all of the pain that comes from aculturation has made being human very painful. Animals are loving guides that helps us come to love ourselves and one another once again.

As we, as human beings, begin to remember our true nature and begin to reconnect with our true compassionate hearts, animals help us to go beyond the PTSD caused by our living in constant fear, separation, hatred, limitation, extreme competition, polarity, poverty, and survival consciousness.

As we return to unity consciousness, even watching videos about the loving nature of animals as well as witnessing people who are living and embodying their true selves rescuing and assisting animals in need, helps us to heal our hearts.

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