DIY human grade dog food

Dearest readers,

Not long ago I read that the average golden retriever used to live an average of 17+ years and that now the same size and breed lives only about 9 years. In the span of twenty or so years, the life span of our beloved pets has shrunk by half.

One has to wonder what cause or causes have reduced the life expectancy of pets (as well as human beings). I have read that some veterinarians attribute the shortened life spans to the wide-spread use of dried dog kibble that is heated to temperatures around 500 degrees Fahrenheit in order to pasteurize and kill all bacteria in the food. As it turns out, not only do the high temperatures kill bacteria and other parasites, but they also destroy the life-giving properties of the food and create a carcinogenic substance found in grilled and deep-fried foods – acrylamide.

Can you imagine eating only French fries or potato chips as your sole source of sustenance? In addition to this issue, I believe that the life-giving properties of food are energetic in nature. Every plant and animal that gives its life and essence in order to feed us must be considered. What sort of life did that plant or animal live? What suffering did it endure in order to be transformed into “food”? Much of the food we consume is produced to the great detriment of the wonderful beings who are sacrificed that we may thrive.

I believe that in addition to these key aspects of nutrition, the other important factors to consider are that, like humans, animals stay indoors a good deal of the time. Humans and animals both are breathing contaminated recycled air, and we are deprived of life-giving sunlight. In addition to these harmful sources of contaminants, our water is filled with toxins, chemicals, and is essentially “dead”. When outdoors, we breathe in air that is toxic, filled with the residues of chemtrails, the toxins that are deliberately sprayed onto the entire population, human, plant, and animal. The plan to keep humanity, plants, and animals sickly and in permanent need of  care and pharmaceutical and chemical products is one which supports the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical, chemical, health care, and agriculture related industries.

It is up to each of us to wake up and to realize that to be healthy, we need to be loving and connected to self and others. We need fresh air, sunlight, and water that comes directly from the Earth. We are all connected to one another and to the consciousness of the planet and her creatures. It is the crystalline structure of the water in our bodies and our DNA which allow us to connect to one another.

Some of these aspects of contemporary life and the times of transition we live in are beyond our personal control. But I do believe that there are elements that we do entirely control by using our minds and our hearts, and by the choices that we make every day.

In order to improve the quality of the lives of our family members, human and animal (plants too), we must shift the way we think about life and the part we play in creating the reality in which we each live.

Gratitude is key. Giving thanks to all of the plants and animals that sacrifice themselves that we may live in these physical bodies on Earth at this crucial time of transition from duality to unity consciousness is so important. We can use our consciousness to release and transmute the toxins and lower frequency energies from our bodies and from the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric) of our loved ones by setting clear intentions and by using the various frequency light and sound codes that we are receiving at this time to help heal the Earth, her creatures, and all of the elements.

We can raise the frequency of our bodies by giving thanks and by grounding the higher frequencies coming into our light bodies and fields, tuning in several times a day when we eat. Before our pets eat, thank every plant and animal involved in their meal, as well as the water they drink and the air that they breathe.


I gradually stopped giving all kibble to my dog, Ruby. I cook all of her meals and supplement her diet with Dog Greens, dried ginger, rosemary, turmeric, spirulina, as well as Dr. Mercola brand Liver Kidney support and Mushroom Complex. By giving her multiple plant-based supplements that support her daily detox, it is easier for her to cleanse her own body of the many toxins that are unfortunately part of our daily regimen as  we live and breathe.

I also add small amounts of coconut oil, flax oil, and ground egg shells from organic pasture-raised chickens to Ruby’s food, and I sprinkle small amounts of fresh curly parsley (Italian parsley is toxic for dogs) and cilantro on her food. I rotate the meals, cooking once a week for her.

Salmon, sardines, eggs, sweet potato, broccoli, Brussels sprouts
One week, I will boil chicken thighs from the Farmer’s Market near me in unsalted water, then cut the chicken into small pieces. I save the broth which I add to her food. Organic oatmeal, steamed broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, pumpkin also go into the food. I often add canned sardines (no salt added). The following week, I’ll keep the vegetables and oatmeal or brown rice and cook salmon and eggs mixed with the sardines.

It is more expensive and time-consuming to cook these meals for my dog, but I do want to extend her life, and I feel that I will, in the long run, save money as well as suffering by keeping her healthy and away from the vet!

Like most people, I have to work long hours away from home. I feel terrible about leaving Ruby alone in the house. We take a long walk every evening. It’s not enough. It’s not perfect. But I try to do my best by her and for her. I don’t make a lot of money, but I feel it’s important to give her the very best food I can afford.

Make sure to carefully research all foods you give to your pets. Cats and dogs have very different nutritional needs. Neither really need any grains, but it is very expensive to feed mostly high quality protein and a little organic veg to your fur babies. Especially for larger pets. Cats need almost no vegetables. In the wild, our animals would eat only fermented partially digested vegetables found in the digestive systems of their prey. Our domestic animals do have a different lifestyle. Adding probiotics to your pet’s diet (Dr. Mercola’s Mushroom Complex is fermented), a little plain kefir, or small amounts of fermented vegetables can do the trick. Make sure to add them in tiny amounts to see how your pet responds to them, for they can cause a lot of digestive upset at first.

As we return to a more loving and appreciative way of life for all creature and for the planet herself, I am hopeful that our lifespans will lengthen and that our quality of life will improve as well. We are living in a dark time, and it is up to each of us to be kind and compassionate to self and to all creatures, human, plant, animal, insect…we are all part of one living system, and none of us can live well without everyone and everything else. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions – even the tiniest and seemingly most inconsequential – affect everything and everyone else. Let’s be more loving. We all deserve it!

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